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Comedy Estonia Live! Louis Zezeran #1

Osa 1


More about Louis... He was born and raised in a coastal village in Australia and his childhood closely resembled “Home and Away” (except for the bad acting). After his last high school exam was finished, he packed his things that very night and left his home, which was a veritable paradise on Earth, with no idea of where he would end up. He ended up in Estonia. At first glance Louis strikes you as a typical sun-drenched Australian. His enthusiasm makes you think that just a moment ago he had wrestled a crocodile, he is a fun guy with a ravenous appetite for life. His car and the desperate search for human intimacy are the main motivators in Louis’s life. He respects feelings, both good and bad and greatly appreciates Estonians' ability to enjoy the moment and value their own culture. With stand-up, both on stage and behind the scenes, he can give something back to the country he has come to love so much.